Would I get a discount if I birthed the baby in the store? --Written on: 5/16/05 ~~ 11:03

We went SHOPPING yesterday. It was quite a trip! I finally got to go down to Columbus like I wanted to before the baby is born, since who knows when we'll ever just drive a couple of hours for no particular purpose afterward. And we spent an obscene amount of money, mainly on things for the baby, which I know is going to be the trend for the rest of our lives now. I've been feeling bad lately because while we go out and pick up small things here and there once in a while (we're waiting for after the baby shower to get most things), we haven't picked up any toys for him. Yes, I know, I know... He'll be asleep a good portion of the time after we first bring him home and won't give the slightest hoot about rattles, etc. However, this is me, and aside from having all the necessary parts (i.e., ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes, etc.), the next most important thing to me is getting that little brain developed, so he needs colorful things to at least be able to look at in order to get that rolling. If he feels like grabbing at them, fine, if not then they'll still be there in a couple of months when he will be interested. So anyway, we got him some neat little stimulating toys from the Discovery Channel Store that I'm very exicted about. Honey also managed to find this thing he's been looking for that plays soothing sounds and relaxing light patterns (not exactly a baby's toy, but the baby doesn't know that). It's like one of those zen, spa, relaxation things. We also raided the clearance section of the Baby Gap and picked up a couple of discounted overall outfits that the baby will be very gorgeous in.
One thing I realized while we were out was that there was no way I was ever going to Indiana to help my brother move. I've come to the conclusion that I really am having Braxton-Hicks now and the weird thing (I think, at least) is that when they come, I get a BUNCH of them all in a short period of time and then I might not have any more all day long. I think I contracted at least 3, maybe 4 times during the hour service at church yesterday and at least that many times in Columbus just while we were sitting having dinner. So that, in combination with me measuring at 37 weeks this past time made us both a little nervous to be so far from home. My mother is seriously worried that I won't make it through the week to get to the baby shower (I don't thing THAT will be a problem, at least). Tomorrow's the ultrasound though, we'll know then what the status of things is, I hope.

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